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Monthly Poll results:

"Se Florindo è fedele" by F. P. Tosti won our last Poll with 150 votes: this aria will be produced and added to our Catalog as soon as we can.

This poll will be online until the end of November, at the end of this period the aria with the best score will be produced and added to our Catalog. Please consider also our Membership service, since it includes also unlimited downloads.

"Mattinata" by F. P. Tosti

        499 votes (64%)

"Ninon" by F. P. Tosti

        90 votes (11%)

"L'ultimo bacio" by F. P. Tosti

        195 votes (25%)

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Monthly Poll
Monthly Poll

The winning song will be produced soon!

"Mattinata" by Tosti
"Ninon" by Tosti
"L'ultimo bacio"

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